Security Pricing and Options

We have a range of CCTV packages to suit all budgets and security monitoring requirements.

DIY Packages Install your own security system with our Bravis range of IP security cameras. Contact our office today for a quote specific to your requirements. *
Home Installation Ensuring your home is protected 24/7, we can tailor an inexpensive system to suit your needs. We’ve installed systems in homes all over Brisbane for as little as *$1,500
Local Business Looking after what’s important to you. Our systems can be designed to suit any application. Small and large business packages available from *$2,000
Venue / Commercial Professional systems for large, remote or difficult to monitor sites. Camera applications to ensure patron and staff safety or to monitor large process lines in a factory setting. Tailored systems to meet your specific requirements.  Some of these systems have been installed for less than *$6,000

We install and maintain high end Security Systems, from Prison contracts to head-end installations for the G20 CCTV Operations Command Centre at Police Headquarters. Large scale installations at the Arnott’s Biscuit and Schweppes factories have enabled our clients to improve on security, increase operational output and save money by reducing product waste. Similar scaled installations have recently been completed at The Marriott Hotel, The Elephant Hotel and Irish Murphies in the Brisbane CBD.

The depth of our knowledge and capabilities is vast, Its this knowledge coupled with our experience that allows us to deliver contracts on time and within budget in excess of $500,000.


* Prices are indicative and will vary depending on your particular system design.

Security Pricing and Options

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